Protection Spell

You need:

One Candle (preferably white)

Match stick (long)


Table (preferably wood)

Place the Candle in the center of the wooden table, with a bowl of clear, clean water.

Take a match stick and light the candle, do not blow out the match stick.

Take the match stick and slowly place it in the water and take it back out.

Twirl the matchstick around you once, remember, do not move whist you are doing this and repeat

Repeat these words : Earth be my shelter, Water my home, Fire my enemy and Air alone

Water be my shelter, Air be my home, Earth my enemy and Fire alone

Fire be my shelter, Earth be my home, Air be my enemy and Water alone

Air be my shelter, Fire be my home, Water my enemy and Earth all alone.

After saying this repeat “Protect me from (whatever you want to be protected from)”

After this blow out the candle and let it smoke. While it is doing this dump out the water, and throw out the matchstick. After the candle has stopped smoking you can put it away.

This has worked for me several times, not all the time though.

I hope this helps.

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