Moon whisper

Following spell is a small wishlike spell for small spellcraft needs: It is not be used for major spellcrafting needs and does only need few supplies to be performed. This spell can be only done in a night with the new moon (not full moon).

You need: A new white or a silver crown candle (a long candle) which has never been used and a matches with matchbox a night with new moon and peace. If you can do it outside in the wilderness (forest, by the beach), it is more effective.

Choose a good and peaceful night well ahead with a new moon (black moon) rising. In the hour between midnight and 1 am light up the crown candle with your matches and rise it up above your head and saying following words in whisper:

“I whisper the moon, I whisper the light, let this candle, reflect it’s might, so as moon is dark, and the spirits ride, let the following words, to do their might”

* say your wish here *

“As I have said, so must it be, goddess of night, let it be”


I hope this you find this spell useful 🙂

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