Get Them Out of Your Reality #1

This is the first (and shortest) of two roots I learned from my friend that practices Voodoo, and it removes the person from your reality without causing any harm to them. I have had wicked success with this one and use it when I need a quick fix.  Moon phase does not matter.

What you will need:

A plastic cup,

Brick dust (which can be made by hammering brick chips into powder and not advised at night, as it pisses off the neighbors, ha ha),

Brown paper and a pen,

Foil and/or plastic wrap (or a lid if you have one),

Your urine (don’t freak out),

A freezer, and

One black candle.

First, write the full name and birth date of your intended on the brown paper. Fold in half, away from you, three times. Put the folded paper into the cup*. Inscribe the initials and birth date of your intended on the black candle. Sprinkle brick dust (and it doesn’t have to be a lot) on top of the paper in the cup, then urinate into the cup, making sure to cover the folded paper in the bottom. Cover with foil, plastic wrap, or a lid. Light the black candle, visualizing all of the negativity coming from the target moving well away from you. While the candle is burning, place the cup into the freezer and forget about it. Meditate on your desired results, and let the candle burn out by itself. Bury any residual wax in the ground.

We have a deep freeze in our barn, so I don’t ever have to put anyone that I’ve “iced” in the freezer in the house.

Be advised that if the contents of the cup thaw out, your intended may just show back up on your doorstep.

*Optional – you can also write the name of your intended on the outside of the cup, in case you ever need to thaw them out (one never knows) and this is extremely helpful if you have more than one individual in the freezer.

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