Binding Spell


You will need :

orange essence (hand-juiced), white candles (3), small cups (3), string, black cloth (or dark blue cloth), dirt and earth

Steps :

1) Arrange cups in a straight line. Pour dirt in.

2) Place candles in the middle of the cups. They have to be waxed and be able to stand without toppling through the spell.

3) Pour on dirt the orange juice taking care to do so evenly.

4) Tie black cloth with string to the candles.

5) Clear your mind of negativity and hate towards the person you are about to bind. Do remember that if you make this a gray spell or black spell if will *bite you in the ass 3 times harder ok?

6) Cross you legs and sit facing the middle candle. Imagine the scenes that are happening as you say the spell *He/she is not bullying you or whatever….


Knot and bind,


Harm me not,

(insert name)

7) Make pushing away motions as you say the name.

8) Clean up

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