Other names
Winter solistice, Christmas

Point of time
21st of December

About sabbath
Although date of the winter solstice changes from year to year, many wiccans celebrate it the  21st of December. During solstice day is shortest and night is longest. When day starts to become longer and dark starts to become shorter, a new wiccan sun year begins, a birth of the divine child.

Sabbath of the Yule is the reborn celebration of the sun. Sun’s strength has worn out since the summer solstice, but now it starts to grow.

In the longest night of the year, in the year of the solstice, was celebrated as our forefathers waited for the oak-king, king sun, who warmed the frozen land and helped it to carry over.

During Yule wiccans decorate their homes with evergreen plants, which remind beginning of the new growing era.

Berried holly is a popular decoration, as its red berries symbol the resting mother and life’s returning to ground. Plants dark green leaves represent holly-king, who rules until the spring comes. During Yule bonfires are set and apple wine is spread to the fields. Mistletoe and ivy was used as a decoration inside and outside. Its purpose was to invite nature spirits back to celebration.

Mistletoe has very strong roots in paganism . It has considered a magical plant, since it grows without roots. The highlight of the sabbath was a ceremonial Yule-log. Along with tradition, log must not ever been bought , as it was to be retrieved from your own woods or received as a gift.

During yule, oak-king, ruler of summer, is reborn. Oak-king rules since middle winter to the middle summer, in which  time light increases. During yule the hunt is in its highest. In the night of the solstice it is not safe to stay out unless one wants to be caught by the great hunter.

Rites for the sabbath

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