Reserve some time for yourself after the sunset of the 31th day of october. Get yourself a black and white candle and some festive food and drink. If you wish to interprer hidden matters, tools should be ready. These kind of tools are for example. Tarot-cards and runes.

When you are ready, set down and ask the elements of wind, fire, water and earth to be with you.

Visualize next the goddess in the form of the old lady and god as a hunter, and ask them to join your company. Light up a black candle. It represents a past year. Take a time to consider gone past year, what it has done to you and to your closeones.

Thank the god and the goddess for good things. Consider all what you have learned from your failings. Also think back all the love ones to you (people or pets) which have left this world in the last past year.

Light up a white candle, which represents the coming year. Consider things what you would like to achieve and wish to happen. Ask for the blessing of the god and goddess for your wishes. If you wish to interprer hidden matters, this is the time. If you have faced a challange, thank the god and goddess for your success, or tell them what you are going to give as a sacrifical gift to the lord of the hunting.

Put out a black candle and leave final farwell for past year. The part of the wine and cakes is next. All wines and canes are to be blessed and sacred. The blessing of the goddess and god is taken in as a form of them. Thank each element separately for being in the same order as you asked them. Thank the god and the goddess for the teaching they have given to you.

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