Find a tranquil place and reserve some time for yourself. Take a black and a dark red candle with you to represent goddess in the role of the wise, and white as a role of the maiden.

Call elements of air, fire, water and earth and the goddess and the god, and ask them to be with you. Light up a dark candle and say: “This is a light of the old lady, wise, who was ruled for winter seasons, the time of rest.” Take a moment of think everything, what has happened in your life after Samhain, and think, what you have learned in that time.

Say: “Wise is time to turn it’s back and turn into maiden, the queen of spring and promises”. Light up the white candle and put down the black. Think what you would like to start with the new season. Thank the elements, goddess and god for being with your ritual.

Substitutive ritual

Get some ice and take it to your stronger hand and keep it over a cup. Say: “This ice represents and old lady, queen of the winter, a one who rules then, when ground rests in peace. When ice of the winter melts, queen throws away the robes of the tranquility and transforms into maiden. Like to cool waters, she is full of moment and flows to the earth bringing life and hope”. When ice has melt, wait it to get little bit warmed and then wet your favorite plant with it. Also, in beginning of this ritual you should ask elements, god and goddess to be with you. Also remember to thank them in the end.

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