Creating a sacred space

Creating a sacred space

Most wiccans place their altar in the middle of the ritual place, so that the magic circle is formed around the altar. If in some case you wish to place your alter in the edge of the circle, use northern or eastern edge.

Then we can talk about the shape of the circle. Creating a circle has many different variations.

One variation is to set a violet ribbon or other (or more) objects into floor or into ground to point to the limits of the circle. Stand before the altar or in the middle of the circle (Outdoor rituals can be done without altar) and raise the energy inside you. When it has raised enough, bend your sending hand to the height of your waist, palm down. Point your fingers to the edges of the upcoming magical circle.

See and feel the energy, which is flowing from your finger tips as a pulsating, cyan radiation. Walk slowly around circle clockwise in the circle. Push the energy outside of you and visualize it forming a glowing light of magical, circle shaped ribbon, which is precisely shape of the magical circle.

Ribbon of light should go around the altar and yourself.

When ribbon of light is whirling in the air, stretch it by visualizing. See it growing and expanding. Form a energy sphere which surrounds a ritual space which touches earth in the precise location where you put the ribbon. Next extend this energy to the ground so that it forms a perfect sphere, which in the middle of you stand. Circle must be living, glowing and real. Feel it’s energy. Sense the edges of the circle. Feel the differences inside and outside of the sphere (this does not cause any astral-level harm).

When circle feels real and steady, stop the energy from your hand by turning your palm down and pulling it back next to your body.

Cut the energy stream and if needed, shake your hand.

Then call all the rulers of the four cardinal points. (East:Air, South:Fire, West:Water and North:Earth).

This method can be ued well is rituals, which intensions is to use magic. For pure religious rituals this kind of energy buildage is not necessary needed. circle is consired a portal between “two worlds”, when you can meet goddess and god.


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