Cleaning of a ritual items

Cleaning of a ritual items

When you add new ritual item to your collections, you can prepare it to be used in rituals. If item is old, you should remove all previous contacts and energies from it.

You can never tell who was been the previous owner or for what purpose it has been used to.

Start by cleaning the item using proper method. When item is dry and clean, bury it to the ground or the bowl filled with dirt or salt.

Let item be buried for few days, after what it starts to give little bit energy away. Other choise is to bury object into sea, river or lake.

Even your bath tube is ok, if you first clean water with the few pinch of salt.

Don’t ruin wooden object by wetting. Also consider that surface of the some items may suffer when it is in contact with the salt.

After a few days you can dig item up and wipe it clean. Now item is ready to be used in magic.


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