Cleaning items with elements

Cleaning items with elements

Learn different cleaning methods, when you can use most suitable in different situations.

Any method from these is enough as itself, but sometimes you may need to do more than one cleaning.

– Use water or sea salt to cleaning item.
– Clean item in flowing water, spring, ocean or any significant natural water.
* Dry corrosion-sensitive items carefully.

– Bury item into salt, sand or ground atleast for two hours (can also last days) for it’s cleaning.
– Usage of the rocks in the cleaning is also usable as they are part of the earth – element.

– Use cleaning incense, in which’s smoke your clean the imte
– Clean item by exposing in to air (hang it into wind) and let the air take additional energies away.

– Bless candle and use the candle’s flame element to clean item; Transfer item’s every corner through candle flame and see as fire’s power cleans the item.
– Leave item into the sun to clean up.

– Clean item by “wiping it” with pure energy


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