To perform a great ritual you need a cup of wine and Athame (the wiccan knife).

Ask for the support of the elements and visualize goddess in the robe of the mother, and ask her to join in your ritual. Visualize god as a young man and ask him to join you as well.

Raise cup with your both hands into same level as your eyes and say : “Look cup, the divine symbol of the goddess, of the great mother who gives us all knowledge and fruitfulity”.

Then lay down the cup and raise your knife. Hold it in the front of you blade up and say : “Look at athame, the symbol of god, of the father of all, who gives us energy and strength”. Then hold athame with your left hand blade down and take cup in your other hand. Tip blade into wine and say : “Together they give life to everyone”.

Kiss athame’s handle and say : “Be blessed”. Then lower athame from your hand. Take a sip of the wine and then consider the roles of the god and goddesses as they are in the time of this season. If wine is left, drink it in the festives or pour it into ground as a sacrifical wine.

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