Rites, or sacred rituals, are very important part of the practitioner of the witchcraft and member of the witchhood. They are a solid connection points to our roots and ways to reflect and enpower our nexus to the world around us and to it’s energies flowing around. Ritual, or rite, is not only a symbolic and spiritual performance: It is also a important tool for creating a solid connection to the powers around us which help us performing different kind of spellcraft, charming and energy control.

In addition to the spellcrafting, rites are also used in celebration of the different kind of events such as sabbaths and blessing of certain items of witchcraft to their use. The most important and most sacred rite of the most wiccans is creating a sacred space in which most of the rituals and spellcrafting takes place.

Below are the most common ways to perform witchcrafting rituals. As always, a witch most follow her or his own instinct while doing any rite or spellcrafting, so the list and rite descriptions below can understood as an example of ways to perform them.

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