May Chang oil

Other name
Litsea Cubeba

Common actions
May Chang is an antibacterial and anti-infectious oil and therefore good for tending achne. It aids the digestion, balances the skin’s production of tallow and reduces perspiration. It is often used for neutralizing unpleasant scents and it might help to fight epidemic diseases.

May Chang is also psychically balancing oil and it is helpful when trying to increase one’s concentration and creativity. It relieves distress and weariness.

People suffering from glaucoma, prostatic hyperplasia or some other condition causing sensitivity or irritation on skin, should avoid May Chang oil. It should not be used on damaged skin, nor when tending children!

strong scent.

Some herbs and oils may be harmful, allergic or otherwise dangerous. Always contact your doctor or medical experts before any usage of the herb or a plant.

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