Latin name

 Salix alba

Folk names

Osier, Pussy willow, Saille, Salicyn willow, Saugh tree, Tree of enchantment, White willow, Witches asprin, Withe, Withy
Herb description
Willow peel contains the same substances that are used in common pain killers. It reduces fever, inflammation and relieves pain, especially headache. Willow is an anti-infectious herb.

Externally willow peel can be used for tending oily skin, achne, eczema, warts and dandruff as well as fungal infections of feet.

Willow is a holy tree, and it was often worshiped or at least respected by the celts. In magic, willow is commonly used in protection and healing.

Warning! People who get allergic reactions from
acetylsalicylate, commonly used in Aspirin etc., should not use willow, for it contains the very same substance.

Special features
Protecting, healing, Love, Love divination

Primary effects
anti-pyretic, eases pain and inflammati…

Secondary effects

Magical uses

The leaves are used in mixtures or carried to attract love.

The wood is used to make magical wands dedicated to moon magic.

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