Herb description
anti-infectious herb. Useful when tending breathing problems or mouth infections. Can be used externally for bruises and symptoms of rheumatism.

Rosemary has traditionally been used for both cosmetic and medical purposes. A bath scented with rosemary is said to make one look younger. A tea, bottled and kept refrigerated, can be used on a cotton ball as an astringent and aids in younger looking skin. The tea can also be massaged into the scalp after washing hair to aid in the elimination of flakes from a dry scalp. Nature’s Head n Shoulders, if you will. 😉

In magical use, rosemary is a versatile herb: it can be used for cleansing and protecting and balancing the mind. Rosemary on the altar or in the Circle will protect the person practicing magic from negative energies and help her or him to concentrate. Fresh rosemary seedlings can be used in home or other places to protect, create harmony and prevent quarrels.

Rosemary is also said to be a herb connected to love and memories.

Warning! Large amounts of rosemary may cause a miscarriage! Therefore it should never be used carelessly or not at all when pregnant. It can also raise blood pressure and should not be used by a person suffering from hypertension. As rosemary is considered to be rather strong herb, it is not recommended to be used when tending little children.

Special features
Cleansing, protecting, love, memories.

Other names
Rosmarinus Officinalis, rosmarin

Primary effects

Secondary effects
relieves rheumatic pain

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