European Angelica

European Angelica

Herb description
Angelica can be used for tending breathing problems, cough and flue. It reduces flatulence and settles the digestive system. Improves the appetite.

In magic, Angelica has long traditions. In the middle ages it was said to expell witches (!) which naturally referred to protection from negative energies and bad intentions. Angelica can also be used in healing spells. When planted in the garden or placed inside the house, angelica protects the house and its inhabitants. A bath spiced with angelica helps to break malignant spells.

If you are intrested in gambling, a little piece of dried angelica root in your pocket may improve your fortune 😉

Warning! Angelica is not a suitable herb to use when pregnant, it might cause harmful effects on the unborn child. Furthermore, it should not be used if suffering from diabetes.
Angelica also has a phototoxic effect. Even dealing with the leaves may cause rash. If using Angelica, one should stay away from direct sunlight for at least 24 hours.

Angelica should always be used in very small amounts. Large amounts and prolonged use may cause severe symptoms such as narcosis, weaken the circulation and even paralyze the breathing.

Special features
Protection, healing, good fortune

Other names
Angelica Archangelica, Masterwort, Garde…

Primary effects
Carminative, expectorant

Secondary effects


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