Herb description
cleansing and anti-infectious herb. Balances the digestion, supports the immune system and is also helpful with breathing problems. Anise destroys bacteria, reduces flatulence and eases different sorts of cramps and spasms connected with nervous system. Anise has a hormonal effect that, for example, increases the milk secretion of breastfeeding women.

In magic, anise can be used for protection and cleansing. Anise leaves expell all negative energies from the room, or from the magical Circle. A little bag filled with anise seeds under one’s pillow protects the sleeper from night terrors.

WARNING! Due to it’s hormonal effects, anise is not recommended to be used in large amounts by a pregnant woman. Especially anise essential oil is extremely strong and should never be used during pregnancy. It can also cause narcotic symptoms, damage the nervous system and even cause addiction, when used often or in larger amounts.

Special features
protection, cleansing

Other names
Pimpinella Anisum, anis

Primary effects
balancing the digestion, reducing flatul…

Secondary effects
supports the immune system, relieves cra…

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