Mayan long count

The current mayan long count reading is:

The aztec long count calendar count towards it's end which it reaches on 21th of december, 2012.

Mayan calender has been in use over 5120 years. Unlike any other normal calendars, the Mayan (or Mesoamerican) calendar does not reset in the beginning in the new year like most calendars, but does count towards certain point of date.

The end point of the Mayan calendar, marked as, is reached on 2012-12-21. Nobody really knows why the Mesamerican civilizations chose the specific starting dates ( or ending dates ( to their calendars but one thing is sure: The mystery of their Mayan calendar still excites the people around the world.

What everyone should remember that ending of the Mayan long count does not necessary mean the end of times: Mayan culture and belief systems did not believe in absolute ends like many modern belief-system do. Instead of this they considered that ending of things usually ment beginning of a new age.

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