Indigo is very electric and calming energy. Indigo controls healing, clairvoyance and intuition. It changes human psyche, cleans it and releases from fears and restrains. Indigo’s clearning power is good for psychosis.

Indigo has same calm vibration as blue, but it is deeper, more psychic, intuitive and irrational.

When reinforcing indigo, connection to the yellow center is necessary. How you can trust your intuition if your self-awarness is non-existent. Best way to reinforce indigo is next to water or by visualing yourself to the boat in the lake.

Effects in energy center
Consciousness and subconscious meet in indigo-center. Center expresses psychic welfare, ability to learn internal voice. In indigo we comfort the sixth sense. Center is in balance, if eye’s condition is good. Weak center manifests as optical illusions or migrene. In too strong indigo human is too open and too sensitive for external stimulus.

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