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Author Topic: Altar Tools and Personal Affects
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Post Altar Tools and Personal Affects
on: April 15, 2013, 19:04

I'd like to pose a question to everyone here.

What tools do you use during your ritual/craftings?

Do you perform all-out ritual? Do you do quick castings? What tools do you use for any and all? Athame, staff, wand, crystals, herbs, incense (what scents?), daggers, swords, idols, etc. Do you have more than one of any tool? If so, do you use them for different, specific purposes?

For example, I for one have several athames. Each are attuned to my spirit and soul as are all of my tools. However, one in particular isn't too travel-friendly. So I tend to leave that one at home. However, a have others that I would bring with me if I need to create sacred space elsewhere (a friend's place who asked for my assistance with... whatever).

I also have several Tarot decks. Each, again are attuned to my energies, but in exchange, each deck resonates its own vibrations. One deck may feel more appropriate for specific divinations over others.

Then there are my staves and wands. Again, some fit the portability requirement better than others. however, sometimes you just have to have that 6-foot tall skull staff you picked up from a local Halloween novelty store, just for the effect.

On top of this, I'd like to pose a second question. What (if any) symbols, talismans, or other jewelry does everyone here carry on their person on a more-or-less daily basis? Maybe you have a pentagram ring pendant. Perhaps a triquetra, or an ankh. Now, I understand that this one may not apply to everyone as some people prefer to remain in the broom closet as it were for certain social situations, and that's fine. All I'm asking is, if you have anything that you can wear or carry to display your personal belief system, what is it?

For me, I have a pentagram ring. I wear it on a daily basis and it's become so much a part of my regular attire that my finger feels naked whenever I take it off. I'm not too concerned about people asking about it. The place I work is pretty open-minded for the most part. Then again, when you work in a company when the Chief (add department here) Officers and high-ranking officials are, more often than not, members of some alternative lifestyle/religion or another, people tend to turn the other cheek.

Previously, I've work pentacle pendants, but the cords kept breaking off of them. That and I started to not like things wrapped around my neck...

But enough about me, anyone else care to share?

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