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Five important rules to get your text accepted!
  1. No duplication! Do not add text if a text of exact same subject already exists!
  2. Your own text only! Only add text solely written by you! No stealing or copy-pasting is allowed.
  3. Remember good grammar and good length! Poorly written or very short texts are trashed.
  4. Choose a correct area: Do not add herbs into "rituals" area or your pagan poems into section which has factual content.
  5. No texts containing hate or discrimination against anyone or anything.
All added content will be first verified and only then added if accepted. If your text is not accepted then it is your own fault. Complaining will get your account banned.

After you have wrote your texts, click Submit content for evaluation. Your addition will NOT be visible immediatly. Moderators will check your text before allowing it to public. If addition is approved you will be rewarded.

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