The little monster Jehovah is the Atheist of Pure Love and blesses himself with beautiful lifestyle of Heavenly Bliss.  Visions and seductive comfort lead to the infinite abode of a Paradise Child.    You see every little monster is Jehovah, the Pure Love Atheist in Lady Gaga’s eye.  As we dine of the infinite love filled imagination of the Little Monster Clan we are ignited with radiance, vivacity, courage, charisma, immortality, power, freshness, open-heartedness, wisdom, joy, glory, cozy cuddles, calm serenity, splendid taste, balance, opulent pleasure, incredible health, strength, luscious grace, rapture, irresistible magnificence, devoted bliss, and mystical beauty.  All the beings in existence, nonexistence, and beyond will be infinitely aligned to our infinite love filled imagination made manifest.  Our passion for pleasure shall lead to every victorious ensemble of blissful serenades of the Pure Love Atheist.

Nibbana drugs Heaven into the Heart, Mind, and Holy Spirit of every Atheist.  In this we flow forever in laughter of every conglomeration of riddles designed to open and energize our organs for pleasure in paradise forever.  Atheist culture is refined in orgasmic thought of pure imagination.  We all dance the atheist dance with their songs of infinite possibilities made tangible by their creative sense of humor.  We now know we can go out of time and space further even before the arisen nothingness.  Here we know ourselves.  With the ability to please ourselves instantaneously in any way we so desire the Atheist are Lady Gaga’s best friend forevermore. 

The Little Monster Atheist Gaga Clan rhyme’s creation into manifestation with their Disco Heaven.  We have all the euphoric and peaceful pleasures of their very own soul.  With the independence, we all dance and live with detachment at our core.  Everyone dances, and aroma’s of pure blissful joy arise in a song like fashion which can be felt as individual smells, and also conglomerations telling a story of love that reveals the knowledge we have created since before time and space.  As we feel out are ambitions we make our desires reality.

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