Nature religions

Long before Christianity was born, there were many religions that based on nature and worshipping nature gods, goddeses and spirits. Many tribes had their own shamans, medicine men, healers and seers. Then came Christianity and everything went, well, wrong. People had to forget old beliefs and old gods and adopt a new, “right” religion.

Well, we won’t forget. We here try to tell you about current nature religions, so you could choose a path, that suites you better, than some new-age Christianity. You probably start to laugh right now. Yes, I said that Christianity was new-age. Compared to old nature religions it is just that! Shamanism is one of the oldest religions in the world, it’s tens of thousands of years old, dating back to the tribal times.

There’s plenty of nature religions to choose from. There is dualistic nature religions, where there is two gods/goddeses that are equal. Then there are henotheistic nature religions, where there is many minor gods/goddeses, but only one major god/goddes. And of course, there is polytheistic nature religions, where can be many equal gods/goddeses. All these religions have many things incommon, but they still have many things that makes the religions differ from each other.

Throughout the world, theres hundreds of thousand of people, who still believe in honoring the nature, worshipping nature gods and goddeses and believe that the old ways are the best. Some of us live more natural way, growing our own vegetables and stuff while some of us live more urban way, but still have the same faith. The key thing is to honor Mother Earth, worship gods and goddeses and to be a good human being.

Different kind of nature religions around the world

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