My Spirit Guides

Ever since I was a child I’ve felt a strong connection to water (my primary element), nature (I love walking in the forrest, guiet down and absorb energy from nature) and animals.

Eight years ago, when I started to practise wicca by my own (as a life style, not as much as a religion) I tried to find spiritual guidance. At first I had no idea where to start but then, our cat jumped next to me. She just looked at me, we just sat there next to our kitchen table and did nothing. She just looked at me.

Then her eyes told me: “Why to look more? Don’t you see? I am here, just follow your instincts. And think, what I would do.  You know, that it would make sense to follow something that hasn’t alienated from nature. Follow us, fellow mammals.”

And that’s what I have done, with perfect results. I still feel perfect connection with animals, especially cats and wolves. They guide me, they guide us all, IF we just take a moment to listen to what they have to say. I tell you; it’s definetly worth the effort.

Blessed be <3

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