Child of an atheist and of a believer

Many modern pagans have usually christian based upbringing and I am no exception: I have had an interesting point of view to religions from the beginning of my childhood since my mother was a strong believer in christianity and my father was a solid atheist.

I have had to balance my whole childhood between science and different sort of christian beliefs but even if my mother had tried to teach me as a “good christian”, I always, since very young childhood, felt the strong calling of the nature.

It was also somewhat difficult me to try to fill the expections of my mother while nature and it’s phenomenons fascinated me — When I saw spirits or foretold future my father concluded those were just my imagination or effects of lights in my eyes and my mother concluded I did not see anything.

Only when I was older, I learned of my real roots: My father’s mother, my grandmother, was actually a Finnish seer and a healer and difficult child-mother relations between my grandmother and my father caused him to split apart of the path of a seer.

It was no much later when I also learned that my mother had close gypsy roots and there were many witch-like things in her and her family’s past which of I heard later.

Up to my early teens I tried to find answers either from beautiful world of science or the so-called safe world of christianity until I started actually to read through christian works like bible, examined historical sources and compared different religions and religious texts without finding anything what resembled something in my heart.

It was not until later teen years, when the actual calling of the nature took it’s place and showed me to my true path in the pale light of moon on the late autumn evening — Nature explained to me my path in the drops of rain and guided me through visions and whispers to my path.

In few later years, I found my experienced shaman-teacher and became fully a witch after many, many years of learning and walking in my path with the nature, deities and it’s spirits.

After this, several years passed in life being both a witch and an apprentice and life went on sometimes explaining it’s purpose, sometimes just randomly in chaos.

Although nowadays I am a very experienced witch myself, a high-priest of a Finnish coven and a shaman-teacher with apprentices, I am still not finished and will never be in this life until I take my next voyage which is to life among spirits with my witch-wife.

Life of a witch can be both interesting, difficult and challanging, but in addition to all those, it is very giving. I live my daily life with Gods and Goddesses, encounter spirits and other different kind of beings, bind and cast spells and teach my apprentices the way of the nature, life and nature witchcraft. This is what I am, this is what I do and this is what I will be in all the following lifes.

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