Beginning to My Journey Down a Pagan Path

At first it seems like my interest in the Pagan Path was something that didn’t come upon me until I was an adult. As I sat here reflecting on how it all began for me I quickly realize it began when I was a little girl and just didn’t know it at the time.

I used to sing to the moon. My sister taught me a song for when the moon came out in the early evening before the sun had set, it went like this:

Mr. Moon, Mr. Moon
You’re out to soon
the Sun’s still in the sky.

Go back to bed
and cover up your head
until the Day’s gone by.

It became a private joke between the moon and I because I realized the moon wasn’t always out early like that. So on those days when it wasn’t out early, I’d just welcome the moon and smile happily, knowing I had a guardian watching over me. This would help especially on days my siblings were away and I had to play by myself.

I played outside a lot when I was little and it would be endless days of playing in the sun’s warmth and being embraced by it. I’d gleam the energy from the grasses as I laid in the sun and could feel it warmth and hear it whispering to me. I prayed to the dandelions when they were yellow, that kids in school would like me, she likes me, she likes me not..and when they were white puffs I’d make wishes and blow the seedlings into the air as my yearning for the wish floated away in the wind to await a response. Not to mention endless hours searching for 4-leaf clovers! And when I got tired I’d hug trees and feel rejuvenated or purposely camp out under a tree to make me feel better but I secretly knew I made the tree feel better too. 🙂

I had a special knack for talking to the animals, they all seemed to listen to me and I helped interpret to other humans what that animal needed. This was especially helpful with dogs and cats. I often helped adults understand their own pets by letting them know what was wrong  with them or by telling the adults what made them happy. In turn, there would be frustration because the animal didn’t understand it’s human so I’d relay the message in pictures to the animal and it would return things to harmony. I’m sure I left many adults wondering if I did something or if it was a fluke. But even my own brother started calling me Dr. Doolittle after witness some of these things.

And the Wind. Nothing was more sacred to me than the wind. There was nothing like sitting and thinking about the things with the wind blowing past me. The change in the wind by what I was thinking about and the sudden change when it was about to rain. Oh and right before a thunderstorm, my brother and I would commune with the wind. We didn’t set out to do that, nor did we have a name for it at the time but in retrospect, that’s what we were doing. We’d get in tune with each other and silently play with the wind and in a way we could control how strong the wind was, which direction it was coming from, and how cutting or gentle it was. We push it one way and it push back from another, it was one of the most interesting things I’ve ever done with nature.

I’ve carried these things now into adulthood. When I’m sad, nothing makes me feel better than to go sit under a tree. When I’m sick, I don’t start to heal until I stand in the sun and bask in the warmth for a few minutes and breath in the wind. And when I’m having a chaotic time and nothing seems to go right, nothing grounds me as much as standing barefoot in the sun-warmed grass. Even the wind seems to respond when I’m really emotional and tends to roll and sway with my emotions until I’m calm and it is too.

Oh and the talking to animals thing? I still do that too. My dog Jasper says that’s what drew him to me. Before that he wouldn’t visit any of the potential adopters and no one took him home from the rescue until me. I guess you could say he was waiting for someone who could really hear him. 🙂



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