Get Them Out of Your Reality #2

Ok…here is the second one that I mentioned in the first root (above)…and this one is heavy-duty. Thanks to my bestie, the Mambo, for this root.

Only on one occasion did I skip the above root and go right to this one. Needless to say, it worked.


One beef tongue (or a turkey neck, if beef tongue is not available)

Nine peppercorns

Cayenne Pepper (optional, but use if you have it…)

Needle and black thread

Black candles (ten of them)

“Get out of my hair” oil or palm oil

Stop gossip powder (not essential)

Two compact mirrors (small craft mirrors from your local craft store work well)

Black ribbon

Pencil and brown paper

A photo or an item he/she touched

Moon phase: Waning

Meditate and light up one of the black candles, after you anoint it with the palm or “get out of my hair” oil and, if you have it, sprinkle it with the stop gossip powder. (Leave Me Alone powder or Hot Foot Powder works, too.)

Cut a slit in the tongue/turkey neck and put something in there that belongs to the target, along with a small piece of paper with his/her name and birth date. This can be a picture, which is what I had to use.

Add the peppercorns, and also some red cayenne pepper if you have some.

Sew up the slit in the tongue, and repeat, nine times: “[i]With this thread I shut your mouth. Nothing will come out of it that will harm others[/i].”

Take the two mirrors, and place them with the reflective side toward each other. Between them, you will put a photo, or an item that belongs to her, or if you can’t find either, a piece of paper with her name and birthdate. I actually used a photo and paper with her name and birthdate…I was taking NO chances…

Tie the two mirrors together with black ribbon, and seal it with nine knots. (Enclose the photo between the two mirrors.) Focus on the fact that everything he/she throws out will revert back to him/her — if he/she throws good stuff, he/she will have good stuff coming back. If he/she throws negative stuff, it will be the world he/she him/herself will become trapped in.

Take both works to a crossroads or a graveyard, and bury them along with a coin. For offerings bring some water and some spiced rum (regular rum with hot pepper will do).

After that, for nine nights, light a black candle and meditate about the situation, turning over the matter to the spirits you choose. (For matters such as this, Papa Legba or the Barons are great.)

You will want to etch the name in the first candle and anoint from the center out, away from you in both directions. you can let the candle burn out at home.

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