breaking a bond & recovering lost things like pieces of spirit and release

worse thing that’ll happen is absolutly nothing. best thing you’ll feel so much lighter once it’s done. anytime the spirit moves you to do it is fine.but Try to do it before the next solstice though (Sept 21) you’ll know when the time is right to perform spell.

It would still work, however the fall and winter are more for darker things… the spring and summer are more for renewal and lighter things.

ok. 1st step, shopping list. olive oil, candle any color shape or size its the intent here not the item, sea salt and sage or sweetgrass, and a bag to store contents.

you’ll need to wash in salt water. either a bath (if you have a tub) or a sponge bath. either way is fine.

focus on the water and how it’s clearing away the world. Making you new again. Salt water is the Mothers birthing water. In a sense (at least for the time of the ritual) you will be reborn.after the bath.. if time allows (little ones and so forth) air dry if it’s possible. If not the gods won’t mind a quick toweling off .

your comfort is key. if you’re comfortable naked, great, if not it’s ok. it’s still gonna work. You’ll need to go to a quiet place you’re gonna sit on the floor and use the olive oil to “draw” a circle around yourself on the floor. It doesn’t need to be a ton of oil. just a little on your fingers. no need to ruin the carpet .

in your circle you’ll have already gathered your candle and sage. you can burn the sage in anything. the vessel isn’t important only the intent. an ashtray is fine. a dog dish is fine.

first you’ll crush up a little of the sage and put it in the vessel you choose to burn it in. it smokes alot so a little goes a LONG way .

light the sage. once it starts to smoke you’ll pass it around your circle asking for the space to be clean and pure so you can work.

don’t worry too much about the words…they’ll come. they don’t have to rhyme or any such nonsense unless you want them to. just speak from your heart

it doesn’t have to be flowery.. hell it doesn’t even have to be outloud

you’ll feel it when the space is ready. it’ll feel “right” if that makes sense.

once you feel it’s right you can either put the sage out or let it burn. thats up to you. I personally like the smell so i let it burn.

next you’ll annoint your candle. Simply put you’ll rub some oil on it with your fingers while asking for help and guidance to get back what was lost.Once you feel like the candle has absorbed the intent of what you’re looking for you’re gonna burn it.

so you light the candle. stare at the flame. see the missing things coming back to you. you might even be surprised by where the things come from. As you stare at the flame things will become clear. you’ll see the pieces coming to you from whomever has them even if you didn’t think they had anything.whatever makes it “visual” to you. if you see it as orbs cool. if you see it as peanuts, cool. whatever makes it real to you.pieces will come from everywhere and every time.

once you feel like you’re filled up as much as you can get, thank the gods for their help and blow out the candle. this will close your circle. collect up the sage ashes and remnants along with the candle and all wax that goes to it. even the melted bits .

you’re gonna take this bag outside and to the closest “crossroad” you can find. essentially any road that crosses your path. this can be miles away or where your driveway connects to the main road.

cemeteries are best because you’re creating an “end” if that makes sense. you bury the bag and all it’s contents. sprinkle some sea salt over the “grave” and say out loud “it is done”. walk away and do not look back at the spot. I don’t mean ever, just not right then.

the burial doesn’t need to be special. just kind of quick so you don’t “change your mind” and like i said just walk away from it and don’t look back till you pass the “line” and you’ll know what that means when you feel it…

it can give yu a “wait a minute” fear response. Like whats next sort of thing. that makes some people pause for a minute. the fear of the unknown and finality  it can just break the “chain of events” at least thats what I’ve been told. I learned this from an elder and they from another.. one of those if it’s not broken don’t fix it things .the spell i gave you because as old and strong as it is it’s a safe one. even if you mess it up the worst that will happen is nothing at all and you try again ya know?

the things you stand to lose are pain, anger, betrayal, that feeling of being disconnected…like something is wrong and you don’t know what. The things you stand to gain are comfort, a feeling of being complete and focus that has until now been blurred.

there’s nothing you can do to prevent it from happening again… things being taken that is however once you know what it feels like to get it all back you’ll just naturally be more aware of who is trying to take it. and thats up to you if you let them or not. Its ok to let some people have pieces of you. it’s actually healthy.

it’s going to be emotional.. be warned. it’s going to hurt as it heals. not for long time or anything but as it’s coming back.

it’s up to you how you handle it. I cried like a baby the first time I did it. I curled up in a ball in my circle and couldn’t move.  not like i was paralyzed but more like i just didn’t want to.

it’s going to be raw. It doesn’t completely start to stop until you’re done with burying the pieces and walk away. Every step you take away from it is a step towards freedom.

what i experienced was like a light switch. the further i got from the “pieces” the better i felt till click.. game much as it hurts it heals.. it’s kind of a crazy feeling. emotional. its very personal. if you do it exatly how i said and it feels funny, change up the steps to your personal preference. it’s still just as effective











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