Other names
Oestre, Eostar, Vernal equinox

Point of time
21th of March

About sabbath
Like in the other equinoxes and solstices, date of the celebration varies, but most want to celebrate it 21th of March.

Oestara means vernal equinox, a momemt of balance, when the night and day are as long. As the sacred balance of day and night is on, wiccans search for their own, inner balance. It’s time to throw away all old and replace it with a new. Oestara is also festive of the fertility.

This is a proper time for blessing seeds for the upcoming growing. Now it’s time to free yourself from the all what keeps you standing still. In Wales, Oestara is known as a day of Lady and it is respected as a wakening of the goddess from her long winter sleep.

Most myths connected with oestara are about god’s trips to underworld and their battles, and return to the surface of the earth. During this sabbath goddess is respect as a maiden and god as his brother or sun god.

Rites for the sabbath

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