Other names
Modron, Mabon, Autumnal equinox, Harvest…

Point of time
21st of September

About sabbath
This sabbath’s exact day varies from year to another, but many choose to celebrate it on  the 21st of September. Coming of equinox means that the  day and the night last as long and hours of the night start to grow longer. It is again time of seeking your self inner balance, forsake the old and replace it with the new. In this relationship Madron is much like Oestra, but it  focuses on different aspects. Madron is celebration of the healer, justness and releasing of the prisoners.

In madron, goddess descends into underworld. As winter comes we observe weakening of the nature. We also wish farewell to the lord of the harvest. He is harvested with the harvest and his seeds are sowed into ground. During equinox  the harvest has already been harvested away from the winds and storms.

From this equinox sun’s light dims til the winter solstice, Yule, after what it starts again to get strong and days start to get longer.

Madron is a witches thanks-giving day, when we thank goddess and god for their generosity and divide the gifts of the harvest.

Rites for the sabbath

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