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1st of August

About sabbath
Lammas is a first festive of the harvest. It is also celebration of the dying and resurrecting god. Gaelic name Lughnasadh means to a Celtic sun god, Lugh’s death and resurrection. Lammas is spent in the beginning of the harvest and it has close relationships with stories about sacrifice and death.

In many cases, beliefs of the sacrifice are based on misapprehension or wrong conception. Lammas is celebrated quarter year after Beltane.

Lammas was a middle-age christian name for this celebration day and it means sanctifying breads. In lammas breads were baked from the first harvest and set as a sacrifice in to altar.

Lammas reflects first harvest of the autumn and it’s fruits. Harvesting season starts in sabbath, when gods and goddesses fertility aspect is celebrated.

Rites for the sabbath

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