Other names
Oimealg/Oimelc, Festives of the Bride, B…

Point of time
2nd of February

About sabbath
Halfway of the winter solstice is a moment when it’s nature’s time to wake up from it’s hibernation. Imbolg means grow of the sparkle which was lighted during Yule to warm as a flame which warms man and ground. First signs of spring are already visible, and it’s time to bless seeds and tools.

The dark side of the yearly turn is in its middle point. Imbolg is the time of the year when everything starts living. It is a festive of a maiden. From this day to Ostara is her’s time.

During imbolg goddess throws away robes that had belonged  to the wise and returns as a white-robed maiden. From this day to Ostara is her time to prepare renewing. God birth during yule is now seen as young, vital man,now starts to reach out for a maiden.

During this time the home is stripped from the last of the evergreen plants, which it was decorated with during Yule. In some areas, Imbolg is the first day, when fields are plowed as a preparation  for sowing.

High priest can call old lady to set down into an high priestess, through which the  spirit speaks to the whole group or to  all to its single members.

Rites for the sabbath

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