Other names
Beltan, Bealtaine, Walpurgisnacht, May Day

Point of time
1st of May

About sabbath
Beltane is the next most important sabbath for wiccan right after Samhain. Beltane marks the first days of summer. Love is in the air on Beltane. Goddess wears now mother’s robe and God descends to rule aside his queen. The holy bond between goddess and god makes this sabbath also an important fertility festive.Beltane is a time of universal sensuality and sexuality. In Wicca, the Goddess is the creator of the universe and the God is the universal protector. On Beltane the God and Goddess come together in union to represent the creation of the universe. Many bonfire celebrations are held in order to devote the flame of your passion to the universal energies. One of the celebrations consists of dancing around a may pole with ribbons of red and white. The red symbolizing the fertility of the Goddess and the white symbolizing the fertility of the God.  Beltane is celebrated as the beginning of the planting cycle as well as the beginning of summer. The tradition of the bonfire came from the farmers burning the weeds and left over dead plants in a fire so they can begin the planting necessary for the first crops.

Some form of the great rites is included in this sabbath to almost every wiccan’s rituals, usually in the form of the athame being placed into the chalice symbolizing the union between the Lord and Lady.
Beltane is also popular among the pagan community for marriage, or in other words Hand fasting. Both parties write the words they will pronounce by them self and give their promise to each other. There is no middleman in this ceremony, although priestess or priest may help with the ceremony.

Rites for the sabbath

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