The simplies way to celebrate Yule is to get up before sunrise to greet the raising sun. Sunrise is best to observed outside in high places.

If this is not possible, set in the front of the raising sun. Call again goddess and god be with you. When the sun is above horizon, thank the light for coming back and for the warm it has brought with it.

Celebration for sun is mostly done with Yule-log, which has multiple purposes. A seremonial log, which was decorated with twigs and used as a kindling, was stored for this purpose from the last year’s yule-log. And other kind of yule-log, which over is put several candles. Log should be, for safety reasons, to be one which stands stil without rolling.

Each of group, a coven or a family, light one of the candle representing same time a wish for the upcoming year. Candles represent the beginning of the growing light’s days.

Yule-log is often stored for the next year, when it is burned. It’s ashes is considered protective and fertifility increasing muolets. Yule-log must not ever been bought. It must be from one’s own lands or got as a gift.

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