Collect few fallen leaves from outside few days before Madron. Dry leaves well. Consider the things which cause you feelings of guilt (your “prisoners”) which you wish to get rid of and mark each of them in it’s own leaf.

When time of the ritual comes, call for elements, god and goddess to be with you. Raise first leaft into air and ask goddess to take this problem away and give you power in the future.

Then crush the left in side you. Repeat this with every left. After this leaves should be demolished, throw them into wind, into river or burn them if possible.

After you have your “prisoners” set free, it’s time to gather some positive thoughs and habits, which represent the healing side of this sabbath. Take a piece of white ribbon. Make a knot to ribbon for every new habbit you are going to do in future.

After a ritual, remember to have festive of wine and cakes before thanking elements, goddess and god.

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