Pine oil

Other name
Pinus Silvestris, Scotch

Common actions
Very energetic, masculine oil. Cleansing, refreshing, anti-infectious, pain-relieving, helps to get rid of negative thoughts and energies. Aphrodisiac.

Pine oil is an earthy, strong scent that gives strenght and is helpful when tending cough, bronchitis and sore throat as well as other symptoms of flue. Also good for tending the symptoms of rheumatism and sinusitis.
Decreases the formation of mucus.

Pine oil can also be used to maintain the balance of blood sugar, and therefore it may be good for a person suffering from diabetes. Do keep in mind, however, that diabetes cannot be actually tended only or mainly with essential oils.

Pine oil may also be helpful when when tending allergic reactions and asthma. It increases the blood pressure and is therefore not a good oil for those suffering from high blood pressure!

Some herbs and oils may be harmful, allergic or otherwise dangerous. Always contact your doctor or medical experts before any usage of the herb or a plant.

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