Lime oil

Lime oil

Other name
Citrus Aurantifolia

Common actions
Cheerful lime-oil is an excellent oil for stimulating and activating both mentally and physically. It helps to overcome depression, tension, distress and apathetic state of mind. It clears the mind and gives energy. Therefore it is a good oil for people recovering from illness. Lime oil supports the immune system and is a great help when preventing flue, cold etc. When having a high fever, lime oil can be used for making patient feel more comfortable.

Used externally (diluted!) lime-oil is an excellent oil for oily skin, as it contracts the skin pores, freshens the skin and prevents zits.

Warning! As all citrus-oils, lime oil can cause photosensitivity on skin. This effect is only temporary, but 24 hours away from direct sunlight after tending the skin with lime oil is necessary for avoiding harmful reactions.

In magic, lime-oil can be used in several ways. Its characteristic scent usually gives people very strong feelings, and it’s good for gathering positivity, expelling negative energies as well as healing and summoning joy in one’s life.

Fresh citrus-scent that takes place between bitter lemon and sweet orange, as it’s not too bitter but still pleasingly biting.

Some herbs and oils may be harmful, allergic or otherwise dangerous. Always contact your doctor or medical experts before any usage of the herb or a plant.

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