Anise Oil

Other name
Pimpinella Anisum

Common actions
Sweet scent, commonly used when tending cold, cough, flu, sore throat and bronchitis. Anise can also be used when tending aching muscles, for it has a mild relaxing and calming effect. It also aids the digestion. Only for external use, and only very small amounts! Contains small amounts of oestrogen.

In magic, anise can be used for example in protection, love and fertility spells.

strong, sweet, licorice-scented oil.

Warning! Do not use this oil if suffering from skin problems, oestrogen-dependent cancer or other hormonal disorders.

Large amounts and prolonged use may cause severe symptoms. Overdoze may cause narcosis and slow the circulation, it can even cause addiction. Be very careful with anise oil, and NEVER use it during pregnancy!

Some herbs and oils may be harmful, allergic or otherwise dangerous. Always contact your doctor or medical experts before any usage of the herb or a plant.

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