Herb description
Oak bark can be used as an bitter, astringent and anti-septic matter. It reduces inflammation and controls bleeding.

Internally it can be used as a hermorrhage and proplapsed uterus or anus, for stomach cramps and acute diarrhea. The acorns can be used as a coffee substitute if grounded and roasted.

Externally it can be ued for hemorrhoids, vaginal dischard, sore, minor injuries and bleeding gums.

Anchient druid had habit of planting sacred oak groves, and many marriages have been set under the leaves of this groves. Groves have also been used as a landmarks. Most of the old english oak groves are still growing in these days.

California indians held oak as the tree of the world. It’s acorn described a cosmic egg, from where all life has began and the tree itself described cosmic axel, which was sacred to mother earth.

Special features
Acorn represents successes and hard work…

Other names
Quercus robur

Primary effects
Increases immunity and body

Secondary effects
Sacred herb, balances and removes negati…

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