Lemon Balm

Lemon Balm

Herb description
Lemon balm is a very common and very old herb that can be used in many ways. It is an excellent herb for pastry, desserts and tea.

In medical uses, lemon balm can be used for relieving stomach-ache, especially when it’s caused by stress. Lemon balm has a mild pain relieving effect, and it prevents distress and depression. It relaxes and helps with sleeping problems. As lemon balm eases cramps, it is also a good help for menstrual pain.

In magic, joyfully citrus-scented lemon balm can be used in many sorts of spells. For example, it can be used for bringing joy and balance to life.

Warning! Lemon balm reduces the production of the thyroid gland hormons. If you have problems connected to thyroid gland, be careful with lemon balm.

Special features
Joy, strenght, balance

Other names
Melissa Officinalis, Melissa

Primary effects
anti-depressant, pain relieving, relaxan…

Secondary effects
eases stress-symptoms.


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