Herb description
The leaves and oil of the Eucalyptus tree have a very distinct scent and are used for both household and magickal needs.

Special features
Can be used to ward off evil and fend off colds/flu. Some put leaves in healing poppets.  Leaves can also be carried with a person in a small sachet to keep colds away. A Eucalyptus infusion can be placed in a bath to help with congestion, and a white candle anointed with the oil and burned while bathing will emit a soothing & healing fragrance. The oil can also be mixed (4-6 drops) with 2 cups of Epson salts and added to a bath.

Other names
Gum Tree, Blue Gum Tree, Nitens, Stringy Bark Tree.

Primary effects
Eucalyptus oil is used in many of our over the counter cold remedies. Tea can be made out of the leaves, but check with your doctor before ingesting ANY herbal remedy to ensure that it won’t negatively interact with any current medications you are taking.  The oil can be diluted and used in mouthwash, as it has been said to kill the bad breath bacteria in the mouth.

Secondary effect
Eucalyptus oil can also be used in massage oil to temporarily relieve muscle and joint pain.

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