Herb description
Dill is a common herb often used in cooking. It balances the digestion and reduces flatulence and contains anti-infectious substances. It helps to relieve cramps and it is said to increase milk secretion.

Dill is considered to be rather safe to use, but it may cause eczema for people who have a sensitive skin.

In magic, dill has traditionally been used in love and fertility spells as well as increasing sexual desire. It is also said to be a protecting herb.

Special features
love, fertility, sexual desire, good luc…

Other names
Anethum Graveolens, fin. tilli

Primary effects
anti-infectious, aids the digestion, sup…

Secondary effects
reduces flatulence, relieves cramps, in…

Dill gets it’s name from an olde Norse word “dilla” which means “to lull” or “to soothe.” An aromatic plant is wonderful for both culinary dishes & for magick. Dill is thought to keep manipulative witchcraft at bay. Think of it as an herb that creates a magickal “no fly” zone around you. Magick Tip: hang up bundles of fresh dill to dry in your “magickal kitchen” & bring some protection & serenity into the heart of your home. In olden times, today also, it was & still is believed that hanging a bunch of fresh dill above a cradle would keep a baby happy & content. As a “kitchen witch” I suggest taking the fragrant fresh flower heads of the dill & putting them into “charm bags” & “magickal sachets” to promote level-headedness, contentment & safety. Enchant any culinary dill you use for cooking. Element for Dill: Fire; Plantary: Mercury. In the language of flowers, dill announces that you are “irresistible.” September is the month of Dill.

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