Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera

MAIN PROPERTIES: Heals wounds, emollient, laxative.

Herb description
Its the clear gel within the plant that is the useful part, the gel contains aloin which is used in both medical and cosmetic industrys.

The gel is great for healing wounds and burns and aids in the speeding up process as well as reducing the risk of infection.

However there is a brownish part that contains alion and this is a strong laxitive but only if used for a short term solution.

It can also aid in scar prevention.

Special features
This could be used in spells that are aimed to help other people get better as well as speed up there recovery, alternatively it could be used within a home made lotion and kept in a first aid box. However if this was to be done and used for first aid, make sure that other ingredients are safe and are not dangerous to people and animals, and never use it on someone who has never used it before due to allergic reactions


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