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For centuries healers and witches have used products of the nature for several different purposes. Herbal products from the nature have been used both for healing as well as for charms and spellcrafting around the world. For example, garlic, although the most known herb from the Hollywood as a vampire repellent it’s origins as with in the witchcraft go much deeper.

The list below is a growing collection of the herbal knowledge describing their usage both on the spellcrafting, ritual and also for healing usage. Before using any of the herbs mentioned with-in these pages we recommed you to check their qualities also from the other resources.

Please consult medical experts before using any of the herbs mentioned on these pages. Content of this library is user-contributed meaning they have not been professionally verified. Administrators or operators of the site are not responsible of this content and cannot be held liable of misusage or any herb-based accidents.

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