Shiva – The God of tantrics and occult


Other names
Rudra, Pasupati, Shankara

According to Hindus, God of liberation, Destruction/ Occultism

Hindu & Buddhist

Masculine Gender

Since ancient times , He has been the Lord of Destruction , Lord of liberation, Meditation, The Occult.

He is usually portrayed  in deer skin, meditating in the bliss of Mount Kailash , his abode  (Himalayas)

He is the masculine form of energy , and therefore his counterpart (female) is the Goddess Parvati otherwise called Devi. Hindus portray him in  blue or black and has matted hair and a “kaal nethra” or the symbolism for the 3rd eye. It is said that when he gets angry  for the purpose of good, he destroys evil in the form of avataras, like Rudhra, the fearsome one. He is famous for the upbringing of his two sons, Lord Karthikeya and Lord Ganesh . His weapon is the trident. Many people study the vedas in his name  ,also  as the God of higher knowledge. He is represented in the form of “Linga
Blessed Be



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