Other names
Tellus, Terra

Mother earth, goddess of earth

Anchient greek


Gaia was born in chaos, from great void with universum, and with her came Eros. She maidenly borned Pontus (ocean) and Uranus (sky). Gaia married Uranus, his son, and their offsprings were Titans: Six boys and six girls. She also borned cyclops and three monsters known as Hecatrons.

The spirits of punishment known as Erinytes were also offsprings of Gaia and Uranus. Lasts of Uranus’s children were gigants, who were burned as uranus’s blood flowed to the ground as their son cronus castrated him by the request of the gaia ripping apart relationship between land and the skies.

It is told that protect her children (cyclops and hectarones) from Uranus, Gaia hid them into themself, inside the earth. Gaia also saved Zeus that Cronus would not swallow him.

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