Other names
Freya, Frejya, Freyia, Frøya, Frøjya, Freia, Valfreyja, and Vanadís.

Northern Goddess of love, beauty, fertility, war, wealth, death, divination and magic.

Norse Mythology



This Goddess is the daughter of Njord. She is the sister of Frey and together they represent the untamed forces of nature. She is the most beautiful and best beloved of all the Goddesses.

Although Goddess of love, Freya is not soft and pleasure-loving only, for the ancient Northern races said that she has very martial tastes, and that as Valfreya she often leads the Valkyries down to the battlefields, choosing and claiming one half the heroes slain. She is also the Goddess of magic and taught the secrets of Seid, a vanir for of magic, to Odin.

This Goddess is associated with the runes, the wheel of fortune and other forms of divination. The Northern Lights were said to be caused by her traveling through the night’s sky with the Valkyries. The swallow, cuckoo, and cat were held sacred to Freya.


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