When you close your eyes and visualize a springlike stream singing it’s beautiful song as it passes you by, or almost black, deafeningly roaring sea at a stromy fall night, can you see it’s glory? I certainly hope you do…

Water is a very beautiful element, and very important to us all – because we are partly water ourselves. Sinse the beginning of our planet, water has been here, giving us life and cleaning us after a hard days work.

Water is a great assistant to us all, it extinguishes fire, it waters our plants so they can grow and it makes air breatheable for us and it helps us when we are thirsty. But still most of us think it’s just something useable that the waterworks delivers in to our kitchens and bathrooms (just like the milk comes from the factory, not from the cow…)

Next time, when you make yourself a cup of coffee, wash your hands or drink that refreshing class of water, take a moment and think if there wouldn’t be any water. Make sure that the nature knows, how thankful you are.

By the way, did you know, that in many different religions and in witchcraft water is being used to clean and bless things.

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