Fire. Flame. An element most people consider to be most powerful and dangerent element, as well as most giving. We can feel fire in many forms: When we touch a gentle warming flame of the candle, when our anger burns in our soul or as we feel the fear before of the dangerous forest fire.

Of the four main elements, fire is always considered as most destructive element, but let us not forget that even the fire is some times constructive: As the phoenix bird raises from the ashes, a new forest is borned after the ashes of the past one. Also islands and lands is born by the flames of the volcanic fire.

The main opposite of the fire is ofcourse a water. They cannot exists without anothers. A water puts out the flame, but only if it is strong as fire is. An volcanic island, earth, is borned when water cools down the flames of fire.

The companion of fire is air. Fire cannot exists without air, it cannot burn because it has no it’s feeder. Many consider, that earth gives us life, but the sparkle of the life comes from the fire, which is given power by air and energy by water. This way all the elements work to together in life.

Always important thing to remember of elements is that none of the elements should never overcome others, because only way life survives is the perfect balance between all of them. If one comes more powerful than others, destruction may be ahead.

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