Every living thing in the world are saturated with different kind of energies which all have a strong connection to the nature. These energies are drawn into the different aspects of the nature and can be represented as solid elements such as fire, water, air, earth and as the actual energy, a living force bind us all. Natural elements can be both used in spellcrafting, binding, rituals and in several others use.

Elements are both used in the symbolic sense with-in the rituals and spellcrafting as well as with the other kind crafting for creating a certain kind of binding with the nature. Natural elements can be used in several different kind of situations: Using a fire when crafting a spell targeted with a passion or using a water when crafting a spell targeted for calming specified things.

Regardless of the fact to which use elements are used for, they still form an important part of the witchhood and witchcraft and can be always found represented in different kind of forms in the lodges of the witches.

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